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IPL 2021: Fans reaction on RCB vs MI thriller After RCB wins

IPL 2021 | RCB vs MI | Match 1:

Some things in History never changes. , Mumbai drags this match to the end, probably they were destined to lose it. Mumbai Indians have lost their opening game for the last nine season of the Indian Tournament.

Rohit and Lynn took the responsibility to open the innings for the defending champions. Rohit was looking tremendously good with the bat before he was run out by the Virat and Chahal.

Further, As usual, Mumbai kept the momentum with them in the middle overs, but they failed to maximize it in the death overs as they lost their power hitters in succession.

Harshal Patel last over against Mumbai became one of those few overs in the history of IPL to remember. He gave just 1 run in the 20th over, sending 4 batters pavilion. Patel was awarded Man of Match for his splendid performance.

They managed to score 159 for 9 wickets after 87 in the first ten overs.

In the chase, RCB was looking quite comfortable till Virat and maxwell were batting. However, with the wicket of Virat and max, the whole pressure was on ABD to win the match for RCB.

As usual, whenever RCB has been in trouble, Mr. 360 have come to the rescue. And here, it was no different. RCB almost did the job, before getting run out when just 2 runs were required in the last two balls. Harshal Patel scored the winning run and RCB won by 2 wickets.

Patel was the main highlight of the match. RCB traded Patel from DC, and this trade could prove to be one of the best addition to the team. Moreover, Harshal Patel brings dept in RCB batting with his quality bowling.

After the match, harshal patel said that RCB traded him for bowling in the death overs, he have been working on it for a couple of months now.

Probably his hard work paid off today, as he took five wickets conceding just 27 runs with an economy of 6.8, which is quite impressive considering the power hitters MI have.

Twitter reaction on RCB vs MI

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